"I have served in the Fire Service for 36 years, in three different states; retiring in 2012, as Fire chief for the City of Santa Cruz, CA… I am very impressed with the AccessaMed Digital Audio label, both in concept and in practice. It’s a wonderful tool to assist (and protect) the blind as they use their prescribed medication; it’s a simple, yet brilliant, idea!"
~ Ron Oliver, Fire Chief (Retired)

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"As an adaptive technology specialist, many times I get questions from clients regarding solution to manage their prescription medications. When I was introduced to the AccessaMed Digital Audio Label, I was impressed with how easy it was to get the information necessary to manage the medication. Some of the solutions provided by other companies require you to carry another piece of equipment. This makes it more unwieldy and with AccessaMed, there is no need to carry additional hardware. I really think this product will definitely assist those of us who need something small, simple and yet with enough information to manage our prescriptions."
~ Mario Eiland, Assistive Technology Specialist, Department of Services for

"I have been a paramedic and clinical educator since 1996 for both the public and private sectors and have yet to see a product with as much potential to save lives as the AccessaMed Digital Audio Label. This product and its technology can literally make a life or death difference for the blind or visually impaired."
~ Doug Boyce, Clinical Battalion Chief NCEMS

"As an Emergency Room Nurse, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of taking the wrong medication. Not only does the AccessaMed Digital audio label provide peace of mind for those who are visually impaired, but truly has a profound impact on patient safety. I foresee this product having an impact on the number of medication errors I see the Emergency Room, as patients now have increased knowledge of their medication details and are able to take them in a safer manner."
~ Bryson Hicks, Registered Nurse

"Myself, I prefer the AccessaMed solution. It’s quick and easy, I can get the information I need in mere seconds, and best of all, I do not have to own and maintain yet another piece of single-purpose access equipment."
~ Bill Holton, Access World

"In addition to promoting efficiency and safety, the audio label can increase independent living among those with vision loss by eliminating the need for personal assistance and assistive technology and by providing text accessibility for a population in which Braille literacy is in decline."
~ Andrew Liebs, About Technology

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