For Pharmacies

Why optaPHONIC™?

AccessaMED provides a solution that not only benefits your visually and/or print impaired customers, but exceeds pharmacists' expectations. With the optaPHONIC system, users and pharmacies can feel confident that the risk and error in taking the wrong medication is greatly reduced. In addition, our equipment has a small footprint that consists of a Docking Station, USB cord and Text-to-Speech software. 

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Keep Your Customers Safe and Your Pharmacy Secure.

The optaPHONIC system goes beyond the safety and independence for the consumer, but helps to minimize risk management within the pharmacy's infrastructure. With us, pharmacies can better forecast and evaluate their financial risk by having an audio solution that allows their customers to know what medication they are taking. 

Digital Audio Device

Ready to Get Starter? Make it a Win-Win.

Let us help your pharmacy get up to speed on the regulations with the right solution. Not only does the optaPHONIC™ system help minimize medication error, but satisfies legal requirements. Give us a call at 855-6-MYLABEL to learn about a free trial to help you determine if optaPHONIC is the right solution for your pharmacy.


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