The Importance of Vocalizing Accessibility Needs

While reading the NBC News article "Silicon Valley Finds it Harder to Ignore the Blind," we couldn't help but feel a sense of pride for the visually impaired community. Companies such as Netflix, Facebook and Uber have recently been faced with the demands for better accessibility for those with visual disabilities. The most recent example comes from Netflix's "Daredevil," a show about a blind superhero. The show's visually impaired fans petitioned the streaming company to add audio descriptions, and within a week, Netflix had obliged these fans. 

We take from this the importance of vocalizing accessibility needs, especially in the pharmacy and medication management industry. Imagine if the same group of "Daredevil" fans went after their pharmacies and demonstrated the importance of accessible prescription drug labeling. We have seen tremendous progress in this industry, but we continue to need your help. Don't forget, we have created a universal document that explains this importance that you can print, sign and give to your doctor, pharmacist and insurance company. Visit our consumer page for more information.

Photo Credit Barry Wetcher/Netflix

Published on Apr 28, 2015.

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