Petition to Require Insurance Covers Accessible Labeling

In conjunction with US pharmacies and visually impaired organizations, AccessaMed has created a new petition requiring private insurance companies and public providers like Medicare and Medicaid to cover the cost of accessible prescription drug labeling. Doing so will encourage and allow US pharmacies to fully engage and support the practice of supplying accessible prescription drug labels to their visually impaired customers. Additionally, private and public insurance coverage will ensure that the accurate prescription drug labeling solutions currently available will quickly and uniformly be provided for the benefit and safety of the nation’s 21.5 million Americans living with vision loss.

Help do your part. It doesn't matter who you are, sight impaired or not. If you agree with this request, please sign the petition now. Together, let's bring accessible prescription drug labeling to the visually impaired community.





Published on Feb 26, 2015.

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