An AccessaMed Testimony

AccessaMed is proud of the testimonies we receive. We received this one from one of our users in West Virginia.

“My husband and I began using the AccessaMed Digital Audio Label on our prescriptions and over-the-counter medications from Fruth Pharmacy after hearing a presentation by the National Federation of the Blind, Fruth and AccessaMed. We were customers at another pharmacy, but after learning that Fruth offers accessible labeling for prescriptions and over-the-counter purchases for in-store and home delivery, we switched immediately.

With more than a dozen prescriptions filled for my husband and me each month, we found it increasingly difficult telling our prescriptions apart. With the AccessaMed Digital Audio Label, I don’t need to memorize pill shape and size, place prescription bottles in different rooms or put rubber bands on bottles to separate them. I have all my medications on my nightstand and have complete confidence that I am taking the right medication at the right time. I used to rely on sighted friends to call in my refills, but now I call because the refill number is programmed on the Digital Audio Label by my pharmacist.

After a lifetime of not needing sighted assistance in taking medications, I finally feel safe and independent. The AccessaMed Digital Audio Label has given my husband and me the dignity and privacy with our medications for the first time in our adult lives. I recommend this to anyone who is sight impaired. Not only do we thank AccessaMed for developing such a fantastic product, but we thank Fruth for taking the steps to provide a solution to their visually impaired customers. I hope that every pharmacy in the United States begins to carry the Digital Audio Label and that every blind organization supports it.” -Ruth and Richard

Published on Aug 3, 2015.

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