AccessaMED now Care Pharmacies Preferred Partner


Two CARE Pharmacies’ Locations to Host Pilot of the optaPHONIC™ Audio Label

NORMANDY PARK, Wash. (July 11, 2016) – AccessaMED™ is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a CARE Pharmacies Cooperative, Inc. preferred partner. As part of this new partnership, AccessaMED will participate in a pilot program in two CARE Pharmacy location, including the Pharmacia at Mount Washington Mill and Halethorpe Pharmacy. The pilot program will offer the optaPHONIC™ Audio Label to those who wish to have their prescription label information provided in an audio format, not just the standard printed label that is provided on all medication. As part of this offering, new and existing Pharmacia and Halethorpe customers who are blind, low vision or have difficultly reading the print label will be eligible to receive prescription and over-the-counter medications with the optaPHONIC™ Audio Label at little to no cost.

The optaPHONIC™ Audio Label is two inches tall by one inch wide and attaches to all medication containers. With a push of its button, it provides an audio description of the medication details, including patient name, medication details and warnings/instructions. This information is programmed by the pharmacist at the time the prescription is filled, ready for the customer upon pickup. The optaPHONIC™ Audio Label does not require expensive or complicated reading systems for customer.

“AccessaMED is excited to be considered a CARE Pharmacies Preferred Partner and collaborate with the Pharmacia and Halethorpe Pharmacy on these pilots that will help their visually impaired customers,” said Carly Langdon, Executive Vice President of AccessaMED™. “For the blind, low vision and senior communities, taking prescription medication can often be an unnerving and unsafe situation. We find it commendable that CARE Pharmacies recognizes this and is proactively finding the right solution for its customers.”

The Pharmacia at Mount Washington Mill ( is located in the historic Mt. Washington Mill at 1340 Smith Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21209, and Halethorpe Pharmacy ( is at 1307 Francis Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21227. CARE Pharmacies will be participating in this assistive technology product trial until September 30, 2016. To learn more AccessaMED’s status as a Preferred Partner, please visit


CARE Pharmacies Cooperative Inc. combines the quality of a trusted local pharmacy with the growth and stability of a national organization. With more than 50 years’ experience and 75 locations nationwide, CARE understands its patients, their special needs, prescriptions, local community health concerns, and the importance of personalized CARE – the building blocks to a health family and a strong local community. For more information, visit its website, Facebook and Twitter. For inquiries, please call 1-866-CARE-RXS.


AccessaMED™ is an assistive technology company that created the optaPHONIC™ Audio Label, the new generation in audio labeling. As a company with a visually impaired founder, AccessaMED™ prides itself on creating technology by the blind, for the blind. Founded in 2011, the mission of this company has been to provide pharmacists the accessible prescription drug labeling solution that best serves their blind, print impaired and senior customers while satisfying legal requirements. For more information, visit its website, Facebook and Twitter. For inquiries, please call 855-6-MYLABEL or email

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Published on Jul 18, 2016.

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